In one TV programme I saw an air compressed driven motor to propel a bike. This technology offers new alternative cleaner energy for transportation. It’s was Jem who has Big Idea…An Air-Propelled Bike.

Eco-Engineers Dick Strawbridge And Jem Stansfield Aim To Fulfil A Dream. But First They Must Test The Potential Danger Of Compressed Gas So They Build A Contraption From A Pair Of Giant Bolt Cutters.

Jem Stansfield Eco-Engineer Puts A “Rocket Up His Bottom” In The Form Of An Air-Powered Bike. All In The Aid Of Science.


On above picture, Jem took carbon-fiber air tanks that are usually used by firefighters as part of their breathing equipment and connected them to two rotary air engines that drive the rear wheel. One of the benefits of using compressed air over batteries is that you can recharge in a few seconds. Of course, the compressor works on electricity, so that’s not always a clean power source. But even if your local utility uses coal, if you recharge at night or off peak, chances are you are using power that would be wasted otherwise because coal power plants take too long to shut down and restart, so they are often kept producing at night. But it is with a clean electricity source for the compressor that the air-powered motorcycle becomes a truly green ride. (


Specifications for Jem’s Air-Powered Motorcycle
Top speed is 18 mph (29 kph), range is 7 miles (11.2 kilometers) between compressed air fill ups.

I wonder, when will air-propelled bike being mass produced.

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