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Garmin Mapsource 6.15.7

Garmin Mapsource 6.15.7 update

Changes made from version 6.15.6 to 6.15.7:
– Fixed an issue where maps could not be transferred on certain non-English Windows installations.
– Reduced size of symbols when configured to use small symbols.
– Fixed an issue finding campgrounds on some newer map products.


Garmin Mobile 4.20.20 untuk Nokia N78, 6210, 6220

Garmin Mobile XT 4.20.20 dapat digunakan oleh Nokia 6210N, 6220C dan N78 yang sebelumnya tidak bisa diinstall oleh versi Garmin Mobile XT 4.20.00


GARMIN Mobile ™ 10 software updated version 4.20.20
(hanya untk Symbian S60 v9.)

Langkah kerja:
1. Buka Garmin System directory dan copy ke memory card.
2. Memory card di masukkan ke dalam HP (atau keluar dari Memory Card Mode)
3. Jalankan E:\Garmin\GarminMobileXT.sis dari HP<
4. Click pada E:\Garmin\GarminMobileXT.sis start upgrading program (Pada HP tipe N70 or N90, hanya perlu langkah 1 dan 2, aplikasi akan secara otomatis upgrade)

Berikut adalah change history Garmin Mobile

The latest software Issue date is 7 Agustus 2008

From the version 4.10.80 to 4.20.20:
1. Improvement in the performance of the Russian Address Search
2. Update on the search GPS icon
3. To improve on -> content of the information content
4. Improve the cancellation of recalculate
5. Support Symbian OS v9.2 (such as: NOKIA N78, 6220)

From the version 4.10.60 to 4.10.80:
1. Updates in the NOKIA mobile phone “#” key (T key) is locked problem
2. Update of traffic signs in Europe
3. If the phone has built-in GPS built-in GPS will be priority link
4. Want to go where the amendment -> crossing can not switch the issue of Next
5. That the new route, select the proposed route planning conditions set by the problem
6. Button that shows the road traffic in the wrong question
7. GARMIN Mobile XT SDK updated version
8. Navigation photos from “want to go where” over the “Tools”
9. Mixture of Chinese and English that the issue of line breaks
10. Amendments to download photos from Panoramio download a repeat of the problem
11. Cinemas that when the car did not telephone information can be kept to the issue of contacts
12. Photos that show the name issue
13. That if the last point in the search of the name is too long, the program will bring up the issue of
14. Improve the stability of the news
15. Panoramio to improve the stability of the
16. Amended with the issue of the name search photos
17. Update the Taiwan tourism network LOGO

From the version 4.10.40 to 4.10.60:
1. Updates the new boot screen
2. Increase “vehicle graphics” option in the settings>> map>> graphics vehicles (vehicle graphics support changes)
3. To increase the functions of Garmin Online (Panoramio photos, car parks, Studios film, leisure news, information)
4. Dutch language to increase support for South Africa
5. A bad signal to improve GSM access points need to re-set has always been the problem
6. Option that voice file the wrong question
7. Contacts amendment, can not point favorite search English lowercase and instant update of the problem
8. Amended import GPX file name is too long the issue could not be imported
9. Favorite point that can not be stored in the address book does not include the issue of latitude and longitude
10. When the latitude and longitude position that contain (‘,’) symbol, will offset the location of 500 meters.
11. GPS link does not support the name of the GPS receiver
12. POI List shows that the number is not the right questions
13. Amendments to switch languages (Vietnamese – SR) garbled the problem
14. Peer point that can not receive the special characters problem
15. That the Taiwan version of the use of English interface, import GPX, the problem could not be imported.
16. E90 amendment in the use of photographs in the wide-screen navigation problems

4.10.20 Beta version from 4.10.40 to:
1. That the horizontal screen mode add a route to save this route map when the problem will not be updated.
2. E70 amendment in the horizontal screen mode, save a new route by the closure of the errors
3. To improve in the largest-scale show latitude and longitude information does not include the user point of interest, map updating of the problem too slowly
4. Backlight adjustment changes in the “keep off” settings, change its name to “None”
5. Adjustment of the Nokia E90, wide-screen user interface:
a: full display Garmin Online weather service details
b: reducing the size of the message dialog to meet the wide-screen ratio
c: to reduce route on the map show that the width
d: POI re-configuration options page button location
6 amendment Nokia N95 in a number of different types of users point of interest exists, the problem can not search
7. Add the “traffic information” category in the “want to go where -> Extras”
8. Members of the attractions wizard can be based on user interest in providing the type of point-maker, increased sub-categories, and in this sub-categories relative to the following points of interest
9. Import routes that name is too long to fully display the name of the route issue
10. Navigation to the rest stops that can not be displayed navigation instructions for the issue
11. Depositors that the route has increased a half-way point in the program caused by the freezing of the problem
12. That can not link a GPS 10 and closed the issue of GPS 10
13. That was turning a corner in the preview screen appears blank map of the problem
14 improvement in the “want to go where -> coordinates,” the editorial function can be based on “Settings -> -> coordinates format,” set to edit coordinates
15. Deviate from routes to improve the stability of the re –
16. When the new import from MapSource flight path routes, increasing import GPX Tips
17. Garmin Mobile XT on improving the re-calculation, no longer sustained in the future, prevent interference with the use of mobile phone users
18. That does not search the issue of Chinese contacts
19 more to improve the Chinese word breaking location
20. Support Garmin Mobile SDK

Version 4.10.20 Beta:
1. Wizard support attractions Rapporteur (Rich POI)
2. Supporting card automatically activate the program features
3. Directional warning Support
4. Dynamically adjust the font size support (system ==> show ==> font size)
5. Support the new voice of Taiwanese \ Hakka \ Putonghua \ Cantonese
6. Strengthen the anti-white text, select the effect
7. Multi-language map can be found
8. Night mode map and guide line for the dark background information
9. Support for Nokia E90, Nokia 6110, Nokia N95

Issues that:
1. That contacts could not be saved GPS location of the problem
2. That the “tool ==> management of the information I ==> route ==> new route navigation,” can not use a high-priority, two high-priority issues
3. That the “last point …” search select options will be when the role of the problem
4. GPX amended the Import / Export of Chinese be garbled problem
5. GPX amendment in the import category, icons and the problem will be lost
6. E50 voice broadcast that the problem will disappear
7. Recalculation of the path that the problem will disappear
8. Enter dialog to fix the system shows gaps in question

Konversi GMAPSUPP.IMG ke MapSource

by Yohan Naftali 48 Comments

English version: http://yohanli.com/map-source/

Artikel ini adalah cara menambahkan peta pada MapSource.

Peta di dalam MapSource disebut MapSet. MapSource adalah software yang diberikan saat membeli perangkat GPS garmin. MapSet awal yang diberikan merupakan mapset standar yang tidak lengkap (sering disebut basemap). Peta detail memiliki nama file GMAPSUPP.IMG dan terdapat di dalam memory GPS. Peta detail ini biasanya didapatkan saat membeli paket perangkat GPS. Tentunya peta detail ini tidak langsung dapat ditampilkan pada MapSource ataupun NRoute. Untuk itu diperlukan beberapa langkah untuk menampilkan peta detail ke MapSource.

Software yang dibutuhkan:
1. Gmaptool.exe (http://www.anpo.republika.pl/download.html)
2. cgpsmapper.exe (http://www.cgpsmapper.com)
3. MapsetToolKit.exe (http://cypherman1.googlepages.com)

Langkah (Gmaptool Dos version):
1. Kumpulkan gmapsupp.img, cgpsmapper.exe dan gmaptool.exe pada satu direktori peta
2. Masuk ke DOS Prompt (ketik “cmd” pada kotak Run)
3. Pindahkan ke direktori di mana gmapsupp.img, cgpsmapper.exe dan gmaptool.exe berada
4. Ketikkan “gmaptool -S gmapsupp.img” pada command prompt (huruf “S” kapital bukan s kecil)
5. ketikkan “cgpsmapper mapset00.mp” pada command prompt untuk menghasilkan preview map.
6. Keluar dari DOS prompt.
7. Jalan MapsetToolKit
9. Buat sebuat nama registry, Misalnya “PetaBaru”
10. Pilih TDB file (pilih mapset00.tdb)
11. Pilih Overview Map (pilih mapset00.img)
12. Pilih Maps Directory (pilih pada folder yang berisi peta)
13. Pilih TYP file (bila ada)
14. Click “Install”
15. Buka MapSource and cari mapset yang baru saja diinstall.
16. Bila MapSource hang, uninstall Mapset yang sudah diinstal menggunakanMapsetToolKit.

Release terbaru dari gmaptool, periksa di http://www.anpo.republika.pl/download.html.
Sekarang gmaptool sudah berbasis windows sehingga lebih mempermudah pengguna untuk melakukan split map.
Cara menggunakan gmaptool versi windows (wgmaptool)
1. Jalankan gmaptool.exe versi windows
2. Pada tab Files, klik Add Files, lalu pilih file gmapsupp.img yang akan di-Split
3. Pada tab Options, tentukan lokasi file cgpsmapper.exe (http://www.cgpsmapper.com)
4. Pada tab Split, tentukan direktori hasil split peta, lalu untuk create pilih files for MapSource
5. Masih pada tab Split, check pada compile preview map
6. Tekan Tombol Split All.

Untuk mendaftarkan peta ke Mapsource ada 2 cara, yaitu dengan MapsetToolKitt (cara lama) atau dengan menjalankan batch file yang sudah dibuat oleh gmaptool (cara baru -> lebih mudah)

Cara Lama menggunakan MapsetToolKit
1. Jalan MapsetToolKit
3. Buat sebuat nama registry, Misalnya “PetaBaru”
4. Pilih TDB file (pilih mapset00.tdb)
5. Pilih Overview Map (pilih mapset00.img)
6. Pilih Maps Directory (pilih pada folder yang berisi peta)
7. Pilih TYP file (bila ada)
8. Click “Install”
9. Buka MapSource and cari mapset yang baru saja diinstall.
10. Bila MapSource hang, uninstall Mapset yang sudah diinstal menggunakanMapsetToolKit.

Untuk unlock map pada mapsource (ini bukan langkah untuk membajak peta garmin, langkah di bawah ini hanya untuk menampilkan peta pada mapsource, dengan asumsi pengguna sudah pernah membeli peta asli garmin):
1. Download dan install mapinstall dari garmin (http://www8.garmin.com/support/mappingsw.jsp).
2. Dapatkan 25 digit unlock code di dalam file *.unl, coba periksa di direktory hasil split, (bila anda membeli SD card dari garmin, pasti akan terdapat file gmapsupp.unl, buka file tersebut dengan notepad dan catat 25 digit lock-nya. Lalu ketikkan 25 digit kode-nya pada mapsource).
3. Jalankan Mapinstall.
4. Pilih unlock region.
5. Masukkan 25 digit code-nya.
6. Selesai.

MapSource versi terbaru sudah ada menu manage map products.

Cara Baru dengan menjalankan batchfile
1. Copy gmapsupp.unl ke dalam direktori map yang telah di Split
2. Jalankan file install.bat yang terdapat di dalam direktori tersebut
3. Selesai

File Install.bat langsung meregistrasi map ke map source.
Berikut ini adalah perintah yang dijalankan saat menjalankan install.bat

echo off
echo –
echo –
echo – This batch will install map for Mapsource
echo –
echo – Map: xxxx
echo – FID: 000
echo – PID: 0
echo –
echo – Press Enter to continue or Ctrl-C to abort.
echo –

if exist “%~dp0mapset00.img” goto :INSTREG
echo Compiling preview map.
if not exist “Direktori” goto :COMPPATH
“Direktori” mapset00.mp
cgpsmapper mapset00.mp
if exist “%~dp0mapset00.img” goto :INSTREG
echo File missing: mapset00.img, aborting install.
exit 1

echo Adding registry keys.

set KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Garmin\MapSource
if not errorlevel 1 goto key_ok
set KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Garmin\MapSource

reg ADD %KEY%\FamiliesNT\FAMILY_2048 /v ID /t REG_BINARY /d 0008 /f
reg ADD %KEY%\FamiliesNT\FAMILY_2048\0 /v Loc /t REG_SZ /d “%~dp0\” /f
reg ADD %KEY%\FamiliesNT\FAMILY_2048\0 /v Bmap /t REG_SZ /d “%~dp0mapset00.img” /f
reg ADD %KEY%\FamiliesNT\FAMILY_2048\0 /v Tdb /t REG_SZ /d “%~dp0mapset00.tdb” /f
exit 0