This article show you how to release Blackberry PIN.
The easy way is you can call your operator and ask for PIN released, you must wait several time for PIN release. If you hurry, you can follow steps below. Do with your own risk.


  1. Blackberry that you want to relased the PIN (Blackberry A)
  2. Other Normal operated Blackberry and user name already registered (Blackberry B)
  3. PC with internet connection or Opera Mini installed in Blackberry B


  1. Blackberry A and Blackberry B are unlocked, check here
  2. Blackberry A‘s PIN already registered with another provider
  3. Blackberry B is normaly operated and registered


  1. Backup Blackberry A data if necessary
  2. Turn on Blackberry A and Blackberry B, until get GPRS/3G
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