Upaya Pemerataan Pembangunan

This article is about distribution of economics, writer argue that health and education budget are important approach to distribute wealth more effectively. Written by Yohan Naftali, the text is in indonesian as final paper for Economics Development on Doctor of

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Can’t Take My Eyes off You

Written by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio Frankie Valli -> can’t take my eyes off of you You’re just too good to be true. Can’t take my eyes off you. You’d be like Heaven to touch. I wanna hold you

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Mr Gino’s Satay (Sate Pak Gino)

Located at Karanganyar Kebumen, Central Java, Indonesia. The best satay i remember in the early 1980 is Mr Marta’s satay, Mr Marta sell his satay from one home to another home. Mr Marta took his satay with the shoulder placed

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Mbok Wig’s Empal Rice (Sego Empal Mbok Wig)

Address: Seberang Hotel Saphir Yogyakarta, ada gang namanya gang perkutut Yogyakarta Indonesia Coordinat: S7 46.957 E110 23.377 Mbok Wig’s Empal Rice, delicious… perfect combination taste of sweet and hot , I know from Bayu and Yerry. Sego Empal Mbok Wig,