Blackberry Tour

RIM recently release Blackberry® 9630 Tour that has world Phone capabilities on a 3G network, a 3.2 MP camera, unfortunately Tour not equiped with Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g capability.
Tour has High-resolution HVGA 480×360 pixel color display, while Bold has 480 x 320 pixel color display.
For performance Tour installed with 528 MHz Qualcomm processor (Blackberry® 9000 Bold has 624MHz StrongARM processor with full MMX/multimedia extensions).
Tour is enhanced with 256mb flash memory that larger than Bold (128mb) but without onboard memory.
Memory is explandable for hot swappable microSD and SDHC.
Tour boosted with 1400mAh cryptographic lithium cell, RIM claims Tour supports up to 5 hours of talk time or up to 14 days of standby time, while Blackberry Bold has 1500 mAhr cryptographic lithium cell.
Blackberry Tour not born to beat Blackberry Bold but to replace old BlackBerry 8830 World Edition.

Detail Specification: Tour

Yohan Naftali

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