Shortcut Pengaturan Windows 7

Bingung dengan pengaturan Windows 7? Ada cara mudah untuk membuat shortcut yang dapat mengakses ke seluruh pengaturan sistem operasi Windows 7. Langkah: Buat folder baru Rename Folder dengan: WinSettings.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Setelah merename Folder tersebut, akan berubah menjadi icon yang berisi daftar pengaturan seperti Action Center, Administrative Tools, Auto Play, Back Up and Restore, Color Management, Credential Management, Date and Time, Default Programs, Desktop Gadgets, Device Manager, Devices and Printers, Display,  Ease of Access Center, Folder Options, Fonts, Getting Started, Home Group, Indexing Options, Internet Options, Keyboard, Location and Other Sensors, Mouse,

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Apple iPad

Apple iPad All of the built-in apps on iPad were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the large Multi-Touch screen. And they work in any orientation. So you can do things with these apps that you can’t do on any other device. Safari The large Multi-Touch screen on iPad lets you see web pages as they were meant to be seen — one page at a time. With vibrant color and sharp text. So whether you’re looking at a page in portrait or landscape, you can see

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Vista Icons

Instead using default windows’ icons in %SystemRoot%\System32\shell32.dll, you can change use nice Vista icons that located at %SystemRoot%\System32\imageres.dll file.

Two Dimensional Array

This article demonstrate how to passing parameter of two dimensional array (C++ languange); Artikel ini menjelaskan bagaimana melakukan passing parameter untuk array 2 dimensi (bahasa C++); // Author: Yohan Naftali // Prototype void myFunction(long double (*myArray)[noRow]); //Global Variable const int NoRow = 10; const int NoCol = 10; //for array 10×10 void main()