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YM with IM

This articles is about setting IM (network service) for Yahoo Messenger.

Open IM Application at your Nokia.
Options > Settings> Servers > New Server
Server Name: Yahoo
Point access: choose one
Web address:
User ID: Yahoo ID (without
Password: your password

Google Ponsel

Google G1



Kamis, 23 Oktober 2008 | 09:46 WIB


TEMPO Interaktif, Jakarta: Pabrik pembuat iPhone dan BlackBerry pasti berdebar-debar dengan kabar ini: Ponsel Google G1 mulai dipasarkan di Amerika Serikat pada Rabu (22/10).

Bukan karena G1 memiliki tampilan keren seperti Apple. Bukan pula karena kemampuan push mail yang membuat ketagihan seperti BlackBerry. Tapi karena G1 menggunakan sistem operasi ponsel buatan Google bernama Android.

Kelebihan Android ini satu dibanding sistem operasi lain: ia open source. Ini memungkinkan para pembuat program menciptakan aplikasi yang dengan gampang bisa diunduh para pengguna.

Ponsel lain, seperti iPhone buatan Apple, memungkinkan aplikasi diunduh. Tapi para pengguna dibawah kekuasaan Apple karena perusahaan yang dipimpin Steve Jobs ini yang memilih mana aplikasi yang tersedia dan mana yang tidak.

Ini berbeda dengan Android. Karena kode datanya dipublikasikan, siapapun yang berminat bisa membuat aplikasi–mungkin game, mungkin berita, atau mungkin aplikasi chat–untuk dipasang diponsel itu.

Di Amerika Serikat, G1 yang dibuat oleh pabrik Taiwan HTC itu dilepas dengan harga US$ 179,99 (Rp 1,7 juta) dengan kontrak dua tahun.

Saat diluncurkan, aplikasi dari Android yang tersedia kurang dari 100. Tapi tunggulah, biasanya dengan cepat aplikasi akan bertambah. Selain itu, mengunduh dan memasang di G1 lebih gampang daripada memasang di iPhone.

Salah satu aplikasi yang paling keren di Amerika Serikat adalah pembaca barcode. Jika Anda masuk toko yang tertarik dengan televisi, misalnya, Anda bisa memotret barcode itu dengan kamera di G1.

G1 kemudian akan mengolah barcode yang dipotret dan langsung membandingkan dengan harga serta ada tidaknya di toko sebelah.

Sejumlah aplikasi yang dimiliki Google, seperti Google Maps, juga sangat bagus digunakan di G1. Di Amerika Serikat, aplikasi ini bahkan menyertakan Street View. Semisal Anda tersesat dan melihat peta di Google Maps, Anda bisa melihat foto jalan itu jadi mengurangi peluang tersesat.

G1 juga memiliki mesin penjelajah Internet. Hanya saja, para pengguna iPhone atau iPod Touch mungkin akan lebih nyaman karena untuk memperbesar atau memperkecil layar Internet tinggal geser jempol di layar.

Nurkhoiri/Boston Herald



Google G1 is the first mobile phone that runs on Google’s Android open source mobile operating system. Developed by HTC, the maker of the popular HTC Touch phones (such as HTC Touch HD), the Google G1 represents Google’s first try to penetrate mobile phone industry. The G1 phone is equipped with a big touchscreen, just like iPhone, but doesn’t have multi-touch technology that iPhone has. The phone is integrated tightly with Google’s web services, including GMail, Google Search, Google Docs, and Google Maps. Unlike iPhone, the Google G1 has a full QWERTY keyboard that user could slide in and out. Although the G1 phone supports slower data network connectivity, it is optimized for high-speed 3G network.    




Features and Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Network     GSM 850 MHz / 1800 MHz / 1900 MHz

Data Network     GPRS / EDGE / UMTS 850 MHz / UMTS 2100 MHz / HSDPA 1.8 Mbit/s / HSDPA 3.6 Mbit/s / HSDPA 7.2 Mbit/s / HSUPA

3G Network     Yes

Design     Candybar

Smartphone     Yes

Operating System     Android OS

Processor     Qualcomm MSM7201A, 528 MHz

RAM     192 MB

ROM     256 MB

Internal Memory     1 GB

Weight     5.57 oz / 157.9 g

Dimension     4.6″ x 2.16″ x 0.62″

11.68 cm x 5.49 cm x 1.57 cm

Internal Display Screen     3.2-inch Color TFT LCD Touchscreen (320 x 480 pixels)

Touchscreen     Yes

External Display Screen     No

Battery Type     Lithium Ion 1150 mAh

Battery Life     Talk: 6.8 hours

Standby: 402 hours (16.75 days)

QWERTY Keyboard     Yes

Predictive Text Input     Yes. T9

Speakerphone     Yes

Expandable Memory Slot     Yes. microSD

GPS System / GPS Navigation     Yes. Google Maps Street View

Email, Messaging, and Office Functionalities

Email     Yes. Supports POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP / GMail

SMS     Yes

EMS     Yes

MMS     Yes

Internet Browsing / WAP     Yes. Full Internet Browser

Instant Messenger     Yes

Microsoft Office Mobile     No

Software and Games

Games     Yes

JAVA     Yes

PIM     Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, TO-DO, Notes

Phone Book

Multiple Numbers Per Contact     Yes

Picture ID     Yes

Ring ID     Yes

Digital Camera


How good is the camera take pictures? Upload and share your pictures at Google G1 Users Group

Mega Pixel     3.2

Zoom     Yes

Fixed Focus     Yes

Music and Audio

MP3 Music Player     Yes

Playlist     Yes

Shuffle     Yes

Voice Memo & Voice Mail     Yes

FM Radio     No

Video and Camcorder

Video Player     Yes

Video Recorder     Yes

Video Stabilizer     No

Video Light     No

Streaming Video     Yes. Plus, dedicated YouTube client.


Bluetooth     Yes

Bluetooth Stereo Headset (A2DP)     Yes

Infrared     No

Wi-Fi (WLAN)     Yes. Supports 802.11b / 802.11g

USB     Yes

TV Output     No

Computer Synchronization     Yes



Free applications available from Android Market


Google G1 phone

Our readers can get their Daily Telegraph fix on their G1 handset with our news application

Barcode Scanner: Scans and recognises the barcode of any product to help users find the cheapest place to buy it

ShopSavvy: Compares prices online and on the high street

CompareEverywhere: Scans barcodes and gives directions to local stores selling that item using Google maps to navigate


Mandelbrot Map: Map viewer

Krystle II: Turns your phone into a virtual pet

Pocket Seismograph: Monitors the phone’s motion-sensitive accelerometer

Translate: Translation tool

Pro Football Live!: Football news and the latest scores

BreadCrumbz: Navigation tool that allows users to overlay maps with photos and voice notes about local landmarks or amenities

E-ventr: Event organiser and friend finder iMap

Weather: The latest weather forecasts on your phone

Ecorio: Track and reduce your carbon footprint

Cocktail!: Learn how to mix the perfect Martini or Cosmopolitan Cooking

Capsules Taster: Cooking guide and recipe book

Wikitude/AR Travel: Mobile travel guide Global weather forecasts


Shazam: Identify songs and buy the track

PicSay: Personalise your pictures with text

Panoramio: Finds pictures of interesting places in your area

TuneWiki: Next-generation social media player

BlueBrush: Draw with your friends by sharing the same canvas

Video Player: Plays video files stored on the G1’s SD memory card

Photostream: Photo browser for Flickr

Ringdroid: Create ringtones for your phone

SplashPlay: Music application


QuickList: Create to-do lists

WikiMobile Encyclopedia: Wikipedia for mobile devices

Maverick: Instant-messaging program for your phone


Radar: Draw a bearing between the user’s current location and latitude/longitude

Task Switcher: Flick quickly between applications

Spare Parts: Tool for Android software developers Text-To-Speech

Translator: Translates words into speech

Any Cut: Create your own shortcuts for your favourite applications

Locale: Manage your phone settings based on your location

Contacts De-Duper: De-duplicate your contacts to streamline your contacts folder

Shutter Speed: Detailed camera settings to make the most of the G1’s in-built three-megapixel camera and web access

DiskUsage: Manage the data stored on your phone

Rings Extended: Replaces standard ringtones with jazzier tunes

Games & Puzzles


Metamath Solitaire


Anagrams v0.2

Slide Puzzle

Divide and Conquer!

CB Blackjack

Bubble Bash


Balls 2 The Wall


Android Says


Garmin Mobile XT 5.00 untuk Symbian S60 3rd Edition

as of August 4, 2008


* This Garmin Mobile XT application is designed for use on Symbian smartphone devices running S60(ie. Nokia E6x, Nokia N7x) 3rd Edition OS .
* You must have a previous version of the XT software installed on your SD card to have all of the help files, voice files and basemap files. These are not included with this update.
* During installation, you will be prompted to turn on your Garmin GPS. Please Note: You will not gain access to Garmin Online features and/or the navigation will be unavailable without connecting your Garmin GPS.
* A minimum card size of 256 MB is recommended for Garmin Mobile XT software with maps.
* Please save all appropriate data before beginning the update.

Change History
Changes made from version 4.xx.xx to 5.00.00:

* Update the look and feel of the Garmin Mobile XT application.
* Add new Garmin Online feature – Google Local Search.
* Add new Garmin Online feature – Panoramio Photos.

* Add new Garmin Online feature – Flight Status.
* Add Speed Limit display to the View Map.
* Add ability to install and display custom vehicle icons.
* Modify ‘Peerpoints’ feature name to ‘Location Message’.

Installation Instructions

1. As with any software update, you should always create a backup of the data on your device before beginning. Please see the information provided in the user manual for your device for more information.
2. To import your existing saved settings/waypoints/routes/tracks after you have updated to the latest version, you will need to export them to the SD card at this time. Select Tools->Manage My Data then select the Manage option. Select Export GPX. This will create a file on the SD card that contains all of your saved information. Select Done and Exit the application when this is complete.
3. Copy the following file from the SD card to a safe location (this file will be used to import your saved information later):
(SD card)\Garmin\GPX\CURRENT.GPX
After copying this file, delete the file from the SD card.
4. Insert the SD card into your card reader. (Applicable for most Symbian OS devices – some Nokia phones offer ‘Data Transfer’ mode when connected to the PC and will allow the phone to act like a USB card reader.)
5. To begin the SD card setup, select the ‘Download’ link found on this web page.
6. Select to ‘Run’ or ‘Save’ the file. Selecting ‘Run’ will immediately launch the install program. Selecting ‘Save’, will save the file to your PC and require you to launch the install program from the saved location.
7. If you receive an error copying the files to the destination SD card, you will need to manually browse the card to remove the following two files:
(SD card)\Garmin\Apps\Symbian\res\GarminMobi leXT.SIS
(SD card)\private\10202dce\GarminMobileXT_PA .SIS
Rerun the file downloaded from the link on this web page (Step 5).
8. Follow the directions provided when running the downloaded program and directions provided on the device display to complete the application update. Insert the SD card into the phone (if necessary). If the installation/update does not occur automatically upon insertion of the SD card into your device, browse to the SD card root directory and manually run the GarminMobileXT.SIS file.
9. Exit the application (if necessary). Copy the CURRENT.GPX file saved in Step 2 to SD card location: \Garmin\GPX\CURRENT.GPX
Replace the existing file on the SD card if necessary.
10. Start the application. The import of the data should happen automatically. If it does not, select Tools->Manage My Data then select the Manage option. Select Import GPX. Your saved application data should now be available.
11. You will need to keep the SD card inserted in your device for the voice, help and basemap files. This SD card can also be used to hold your detailed maps

Download from Garmin

Download Link

Direct Download MB)

Download koleksi Garmin XT

Prosedur Hack Symbian untuk Sign Aplikasi


    Untuk memberikan akses penuh pada aplikasi sehingga dapat dilakukan instalasi aplikasi (*.sis) yang belum disign (unsigned application) oleh tanpa perlu memiliki publisher ID ataupun tanpa perlu mendaftar dan meminta sign aplikasi melalui situs resmi symbian signed. Selain tujuan untuk instalasi unsignd application, prosedur ini juga membuka akses kepada system file yang dilock oleh Nokia.


    1. Download ActivePython dan install (ActivePython- ke komputer.
    2. Download dan install PySerial (pyserial-2.2.win32.exe) ke komputer.
    3. Download dan install AppTRK (s60_3_1_app_trk_2_7.sisx)ke ponsel
    4. Download Hack Perms (
    5. Download and save CProfDriver_SISX.ldd ke memori ponsel.
    6. Download and save CapsOn.sisx and CapsOff.sisx ke memori ponsel (jangan diinstal dahulu)


    1. Connect ponsel ke PC melalui USB pada Modus PC Suite.
    2. Go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>Ports OR in Windows Vista it’s Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Device Manager>Ports.

    1. Once you’re there, look for your phone, in my case it’s called ‘Nokia GSM Phone USB (COM3)’. Make a note of the number after COM, you’ll need it later.
    2. Open AppTRK on your phone and press cancel when it trys to connect via bluetooth. Go to options>settings>connection and change it to USB. Go back and press options then connect. This is what you should see:



  1. Now open up the Hack Perm python file in notepad on your PC, press CTRL+F on your PC and search for “ser =” (Without quotation marks, of course). Once you’re there change the 5 that’s in the brackets to the 1 less than the number that followed COM in the step above.

  1. For example, if your number was 7, you would change the number in the brackets to 6 and if your number was 5, you would change the number in the brackets to 4. Once you’ve done that, save the python file (JUST SAVE, NOT SAVE AS).
  2. Once you have done this, just double click the Hack Perms file and wait for about 5 seconds, during this time, you should see this, notice the “!!!!!!!!!!!candidate!!!!!!!!!!!”, this shows you’ve been successful:

  3. Using your file manager of choice copy the CProfDriver_SISX.ldd file into C:\sys\bin.
  4. Install CapsOn and then install CapsOff.



That’s it! Whenever you want to run the hack just select CapsOff and the hack will be working! No need for a computer! If for some reason you want to turn off the hack just select CapsOn… Yes, it really is THAT EASY.



Things to note:

1)I will not be held responsible for anything happening to your phone. Nothing bad should happen anyway.

3)This hack has been confirmed on the N95, N95 8GB, N82 and some others. If you perform this hack, please tell me your phone model.

Don’t forget to check out how to install unsigned apps here.

Here’s to a bright future for the now truly open S60!




How to install ANY applications using platform hack!

I posted 2 methods in my guide here on how to install unsigned applications. Apparently, this wasn’t good enough for some people so today I bring you another method to get the applications that you want on your phone without the need of Stupid Symbian Signed!




First of all, you will need to have the Symbian Platform hack RUNNING this means you must be able to write to the C drive on your phone. Check out the guide here if you haven’t done it already.


1) Download and install MobileSigner to your PHONE MEMORY, not memory card (A great app by leftup, a member of OPDA and Symbian Freak forums) from HERE.


2) Download THIS file. Open up Y Browser and create a folder in resource called swicertstore and then make another folder in there called dat so it should be c:\RESOURCE\SWICERTSTORE\DAT once you’ve done that, paste the file file that you just downloaded in the dat folder that you created.


3) Go back to Resource and from there, make swicertstore into a read-only folder (Options>file>attributes) once you’ve done that, make dat into a ready-only folder aswell and then, finally, make the 0000001 file into read-only.


NOTE: you may get an error like ‘invalid name’ while trying to make the files read only this is because the C:\ part of the path isn’t visible in the scrolling text at the top in Y Browser. These screenshots should make everything clear:

When you can see the C:\ part at the top like it’s highlighted in the screenshot above press save.

When you can’t see C:\ above, wait for it to scroll along until it’s like the first screenshot before you press save otherwise you’ll get an error. Thanks Homme ;)



4) Go to the private folder on C: and then scroll down to the folder named EC696702 and paste THESE 2 FILES into that folder, say yes when Y Browser asks you to replace them.


5) Copy your unsigned file to your memory card, in any place you want as long as you’ll remember it.


5) Open up MobileSigner and select the application that you’ll be signing. Now go to Options>SelfSign.

You’ll get a message confirming your success. Now navigate to where you saved your application and there’ll be a new copy of the app with a .SISx extension. Install it and enjoy!

Now all you’ll ever have to do to install unsigned apps again is just repeat step 5! Easy, isn’t it!?

EDIT: There’s now an automated method of installing unsigned applications thanks to si33 of Symbian Freak!


What you’ll need:

Python for S60 (you need the correct PythonForS60 and PythonScriptShell apps)

1) copy all the .py files from the Resource folder in the zip file into C:\RESOURCE on your phone.

2) copy the unsigned sis you want to install into the root of the mass memory on your phone and if needed, rename it to something simple, for example, change “finestfonesownz123456unsigned.sis” to “finestfonesownz.sis”

3) you’ll now need to edit the UnsignedInstaller python script that’s in the zip file by using notepad. Once you’ve opened it, hit CTRL+F and search for myunsigned which should bring you to that line. Edit “myunsignedfile” to the name of your application, so in my case it would be called finestfonesownz.sisx. Once you’ve edited the file, save the file and copy it to the Python folder on your phone.

4)On your phone, open the UnsignedInstaller using Python and wait for it to finish and your app will now be in your applications folder!


I recommend that you download X Plore so that you can edit the python script whilst you’re away from a computer.


Thanks si33!


UPDATE: If you’re having problems, try my NEW GUIDE for signing any applications by using this hack.