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Even or Odd?

There are many ways to determine wheter the number is odd or even. Here is two: 1. Check with modulus operator (%) The modulus operator returns the remainder when dividing two numbers. Even numbers doesn’t have a remainder, but Odd numbers have 1. 2. Check by bit operators Here is the code: 1. With modulus…
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Blackberry LED Programming

This article show how to access LED on blackberry handheld. For LED programming, we need to import net.rim.device.api.system.LED.

BlackBerry Programming

The Blackberry platform is Java® based, and there are number of different tools that you can use to develop your applications. This tutorials only show basic programming for Blackberry® application. We assume that you’re not beginner in programming. Java® language is mandatory. This tutorials use Windows® OS, but you may develop use other OS.

Exec PHP

This article is for users. Exec-PHP is the best plugin i ever use. Just download from Exec-PHP enable you to run PHP and script from your blog. It’s easy to install, just follow the note. If you’re PHP programmer and want to enhance your blog, it’s recommended to install this plugin to your…
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Two Dimensional Array

This article demonstrate how to passing parameter of two dimensional array (C++ languange); Artikel ini menjelaskan bagaimana melakukan passing parameter untuk array 2 dimensi (bahasa C++); // Author: Yohan Naftali // Prototype void myFunction(long double (*myArray)[noRow]); //Global Variable const int NoRow = 10; const int NoCol = 10; //for array 10×10 void main()