Garmin eTrex Vista HCx

I’m Garmin eTrex Vista HCx (already more than 1 year), here my review of the Garmin Vista HCx.

… (cannot give comment, but according to me is too expensive)

Garmin Vista HCx for me more comfortable to use for cycling or walking, Garmin vista HCx is easily stored in pocket, waterproof. Not reccommend when used for navigation by car, Garmin nuvi is better for car navigation, Garmin Vista has small screen to see, the button is not easily operated when. If you still want to use Garmin Vista HCx, take the GPS navigator to read it.

Support from the map, the most advanced GARMIN (especially with the map navnet) compared to Mio. Garmin Vista HCx supports routing so that it can help show the way that is not lost. Although there is still lack of a map so I still lost, to never ditilang gara gara take one path. Garmin Vista can also dicolok to your computer so that it can be used with the navigation software (again from the leader GARMIN) NRoute (sst.. Garmin Mobile PC can also … with the addition of GPS gate oom franson), but for everyday navigation, these practical, if not bring a laptop in the car take it, can be robbed by red axe (kapak merah) ..)

Power Source
Garmin vista HCx uses AA battery that is easily purchased in the street. My 2 pairs memebeli sanyo eneloop rechargeable battery, so if I stay out charge (in the car, I also provide a DC to AC inverter 350 Watt, so it can charge in batterai travel). The battery can survive a 1-hour to navigate in the car, lumayanlah than when we navigate with Nokia cs, 3 hours is a new co-it.

Throughout my life, vista HCx GARMIN most powerful GPS signal capture (compared to 76 CSx, nuvi, GPS built this Nokia N82, E90 or 5800 without A-GPS). Under the tree signal still ok, in the house also still have the signal, but once up in the basement …. klap …

Compass and barometer
Yup, Vista HCx GARMIN no internal compass, so that when mengetahu direction would be to use its electronic compass. Barometer also found on the Vista HCx GARMIN, this feature makes the nuvi pembeda! … let’s select voice guidance / or wide-screen compass / barometer … (unfortunately there is no thermometer is now .. but if i power on when the cursor to click the button in the exit value of the satellite temperature …)

Other Features
Garmin Vista HCx can be filled with Micro SC Card, so when buying from garmin, Map can be directly plugged and can save a tracklog, POI, etc., but unfortunately Garmin Vista HCx does not have its voice, also do not have hope can play MP3 as the nuvi (do expensive). There are hunting and fishing forecast from oom GARMIN, have his game (not like the important features of this one), can make geocaching? Can see the Sun and Moon simulation, stopwatch … calculator!, trip computer, proximity alarm, highway mode, save the route.

One that makes me disappointed with this product, rubber pinggirannya easily separated so that the waterproof function is lost. Other things (but not major, button is not very convenient, especially if the flame-in GPS backlight is always dead, so must dipencet again so that a flame (not really very comfortable when driving at night).

For those who love outdoor adventure, cycling, walk, Garmin etrex Vista HCx is more appropriate than the nuvi, but you must be prepared to improve the rubber next to your GPS after age 1 year (according to me this is a defective product which must be improve by the GARMIN), if you use a car with navigation, nuvi 2xx consider as an alternative to it. Ayo select voice guidance / or wide-screen compass / barometer …

Translated using google translate, let me know better translation

Yohan Naftali

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