Garmin Mobile for Blackberry

For blackberry owner who need to improve their GPS functionality.

Transform your smartphone into an executive travel assistant. Simply download this small application and your Blackberry is ready for business, with the latest maps for Europe and dynamic Garmin Online traffic alerts, flight status and weather content. Enjoy spoken turn-by-turn directions and navigate straight to points of interest, phone book contacts, location-tagged photographs and Google Local destinations.

Live Map Data

Garmin Mobile for Blackberry finds you the fastest route to appointments on foot or by car with turn-by-turn directions to millions of points of interest and spoken street names. Mobile professionals will enjoy Garmin Mobile’s seamless integration with their phone book contacts, for navigation straight to stored addresses. For a one-off purchase, Garmin Mobile for Blackberry gives you a round-the-clock personal assistant. Simply search for a destination, call or navigate to take your smartphone further.

Live Dynamic Content
Travel prepared with Garmin Online live traffic alerts, safety cameras, flight status and weather information. Free wireless data services provide the latest dynamic online content to help you make better-informed decisions at a moment’s notice, avoid traffic tie-ups and pack appropriately for every trip.
Enhanced Features

Enhanced Features

  • Conveniently access Google Local online content to find the best places nearby to eat, dine and unwind. Once you’ve selected a destination, access the phone number and business details or navigate straight there.
  • Garmin Mobile for Blackberry gets you there in good time. Check your flight status while you’re on the go via Garmin Online.
  • Panoramio Simply download a location-tagged image from and navigate to the scene in the photograph – there’s no need to key in an address or postcode.

Source: Garmin
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