Sejarah Hidrogen (Hydorgen History)

  • 1760: Henry Cavendish discovers hydrogen and the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to form water [Henry Cavendish menemukan hidrogen dan reaksi hidrogen dengan oksigen dalam membentuk air]

  • 1847: Jules Verne write : water is the coal of the future [Jules Verne menulis: Air adalah bahan bakar masa yang akan datang]


  • 1898: In London, James Dewar Successfully Produces Liquid Hydrogen [Di London, James Dewar berhasil memproduksi Hidrogen cair]


  • 1972: At the Olympics in Munich, BMW presents the first exhaust-free electric vehicle [Pada Olimpiade di Munich, BMW menunjukkan kendaraan elektik yang bebas emisi]


  • 1979: The first prototype of a bivalent hydrogen automobile goes on the road


  • 1988: Further prototypes are built, e.g. a bivalent six-cylinder engine for liquid hydrogen and petrol


  • 1999: The first public liquid hydrogen filling station goes into operation in Munich


  • 1999: The BMW 750hL runs on a bivalent 5.4 liter V12 engine


  • 2000: The world’s first hydrogen exhibition is presented at expo 2000


  • 2000: A fleet of 15 BMW 750hL hydrogen vehicles runs a shuttle service


  • 2001: The BMW CleanEnergy World Tour starts in Dubai and visits five continents


  • 2001: The BMW 745h is presented as a study at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show


  • 2004: Nine international FIA-ratified world records are set with hydrogen combustion engines


  • 2004: The world’s largest public hydrogen filling station is opened in Berlin [Stasiun pengisian hidrogen dibuka di Berlin]


  • 2008: Genepax shows off water-powered fuel cell vehicle [Genepax memamerkan Kendaraan berbahan bakar air]



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