Substitute TTF Font on Epson TM-U220 Receipt Printer

I found it’s tricky in printing Epson’s receipt printer font (TM-U220) on web browser point of sale application, CSS does not allowed me to access Epson’s receipt printer font. All you need to do is setting font substitution in printing preferences.

  1. Open Control Panel to access Printers
  2. On Epson’s Receipt Printer do right click then select Printing Preferences
  3. Select Tab Printer Settings
  4. On True Type Font Substitution choose Substitute options
  5. Click Advanced Setting to configure font substitution, or simply choose substitute all
  6. Choose Machine Font that you like (e.g FontB)
  7. Test Print and do trial and error ’till you get what you want

These steps are my best solution so far, do you have better/simple solutions to printing using machine Receipt Printer on web based Point of Sale applications? Tell me.

Yohan Naftali

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