BlackBerry Master Control Program Beta 4

Update Software Blackberry Master Control Program Beta 4, tanggal rilis: 27 Januari 2010.

Blackberry Master Control Program adalah sebuah program yang memungkinkan pengguna blackberry untuk mengakses beberapa fungsi blackberry. Blackberry MCP memudahkan pengguna BlackBerry untuk melihat informasi device, memanggil desktop manager, wipe device, melakukan instalasi OS, Java Loader Command Interface, instalasi applikasi (COD), Menyimpan modul applikasi, melihat EventLog dan menghapusnya, Download Software, Screen Capture. Program ini sangat powerfull dan pengguna harus berhati-hati mempergunakan program ini. Bagi pengguna blackberry tingkat lanjut, program ini memudahkan sekali untuk melakukan “abuse” terhadap Blackberry.

Changes in MCP Beta 4 – 1/27/10

MCP Portable: 1) Save and Backup now save COD files correctly to USB drives, 2) Backup & Restore ALX/JAD had a trailing empty entry, 3) Images and icons on the left panel were old versions under MCP Portable. All fixed!

MCP OS Management: 1) “Full Wipe” and “Delete JVM” now default to checked (true) on clean installations of MCP. 2) If “(None)” was selected for the OS, the “Full Wipe” check mark could still be checked/unchecked. Both fixed!

OS Modules Section > More / IMs Button… BBM Pattern changed to include more BBM 5+ COD files: pattern=*peer*;*qm_lib_barcode*;*qm_api*;*bbgroup*

OS Modules Section > BlackBerry Games Button… Peggle Demo was being checked/unchecked in sync with the state of the Monopoly check box. Fixed.

For detailed information on this release:

Changes in MCP Beta 3 – 1/24/10

You can now right click the retrieved lists of modules on both the “Erase Modules” and “Save Modules” pages inside MCP for a context menu. “Save Checked To File…” will save the currently checked items in the list to a text document. “Save All To File…” will save the entire list to a text document. All of the normally seen details (module name, version and size) will be saved to the document.

Changes in MCP Beta 2 – 1/5/10

This build of MCP fixes a problem with OS installations. In cases where the same OS build (for example is installed on the PC for multiple devices (for example the recent releases for both the Tour 9630 and Storm 9530)… in these cases the 9530 version of the OS was “seen” by MCP first
(9530 comes before 9630) so ONLY the 9530 version of the OS was being made visible later to Application Loader. Of course this is perfectly fine if you are installing to a 9530 device but if you attempted to install to a 9630 device Application Loader would report that no OS was available. I can’t believe this
one slipped through my QA department.

Oh yeah… I don’t have a QA department. PROBLEM FIXED! :)

Changes in MCP Beta 1 – 12/6/09

Modules Lists Updated

The modules lists on the Erase Modules and Save Modules (Java Loader) pages have been updated. The new modules lists display the name of the module followed by the module version and size (in bytes) in parenthesis.

Old Method… Module name only, example: BeejiveIM.

New Method… Module name (Version/Size), example:
BeejiveIM (1.9.7/1456772).

MCP Backup Bug Fix

In some cases one or possibly two modules were not being backed up properly in older versions of MCP. This is now fixed!

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