Loss of Employment Opportunity
Source: Apakabar July, 12nd 2002
Author: Tjan Swie Yong

Some years ago the labor disputes occurred in the Shangrila Hotel and management decided to close the hotel and of course with huge losses. What reason? The reason for the dispute is so close and with jeleknya hotel deems better than not closed. Hotelpun employees lost their jobs and the country where employment is very small, so this is a creation of employment opportunities. Of course, the losses suffered bermilyar Rupiah very heavy, but that the rich do not close mempedulikansebab business is legitimate, and may be a solution that can be considered good. What is considered good? For the other for the hospitality, this is to give an example so that labor does not make offhand strikes. There are allegations that the strikes are controlled by labor organizations to pressure employers. In fact every problem can be well and take the basic WIN WIN SOLUTION, why not do? Entahlah why, but it may be assumed that the walkout DISEASES really meresahkan terms of business. By closing and opening again dikemudian day laborers with a new and improved management that will avoid the long-larutnya problems. Business case for the hospitality business to help deems Shangrila hotel yanglain and things such as going on in Shangrila Hotel can avoided, at least to give lessons that hostility between labor and effort are very detrimental and “rack” with the strike will not necessarily reach the target, which is the welfare of laborers better.

Sony’s factory case, the factory that produces electronics equipment also caused anarchy labor. Ceriteranya like this: at the time that management determines that the policy at the time asembling workers must stand in the position. This practice is already working in the factory asembling. And experience shows that some practices Indonesian workers want is the position to be more relaxed sitting. But darijenis reviewed the work and study and MOTION STUDY TIME, the position of the most stand maximal performance in work. Good management, entrepreneurs and laborers should be one word in MAXIMAL PERFORMANCE companies that benefit from the competition. One of the characteristics of modern business is a tight competition Win. Especially in the era of globalization, competition between companies is not limited kind, but between different companies and different locations around the world. All diperusahaan range must anticipate the problems of competition, both entrepreneurs, and range management personnel in all levels. Yangterjadi dipabrik Sony is pemrotesan by labor and the labor union and the burning spirit dipabrik these workers. This is the emphasis on the management of the factory and of course Sony will continue to follow the reasoning labor management akan this country. Less competitive or efficient does not cause requirement akan closing the business. Sony Corporation is a giant electronics company that is sensitip against the competition, if there are signs the efisienan or the selarasan, should be quickly fixed. Business in Japan, a decision will be taken only with mature, with the exciting debate and a decision is a consideration and the Bottom UP TOP DOWN decisions made, and of course the decisions are taken after the FINAL is thought through from the bottom up and top-down considerations , so can not offhand dirobah. So the management of the factory Sony Indonesia only provide information, and may not change the decision made only because the threat of ministers. Decisions taken at the headquarters level, because the policy throughout the duniadari SONY CORPORATION akan boycott and threats sesungguhnyalah indefensible if issued, and what is done and the boycott decision changed? Or do things beneficial for the government of Indonesia? Of course, no matter the benefit, even very harmful because the government deems too officious and companies can be such INTERVENTIONS coarse. A minister should not make such a threat, because no clear benefit, that when the management asked: “Why close the manufacturer in Indonesia? “Clearly, the answer can Basa Basi, as if the honest can be challenging Mr. Minister, because management is not possible to say that they are not satisfied with the labor policy, or they may not provide answers that are not well: for example the answers may be:” We are very depressed with the extortion tax, or very depressed with the number of smuggling. “Answers such as this is a taboo for employers, especially the Japanese who are very polite and know themselves, so do not hope they will bluntly say what is in your mind mereka.Nah , Unfortunately I berceritera Minister Pak ago that the problem is NOT in DEPNAKERTRANS, but other problems. This means Depnakertrans not guilty and if so there is no improvement or repair business. We should just try to improve the system and continuously on an ongoing basis to improve. This is the most modern work with continuously improving or up-grading possible. No system is perfect, the ongoing maintenance requirement. This also applies disemua department and all the range, if we on the case such as this, means we will continuously strive to improve conditions. Is not this mneguntungkan we all?

Characteristics should be learned by business Depnakertrans range, bukannyamemutuskan everything on the basis of the interests of labor and the government, but thought the competition GLOBAL, MANAGEMENT characteristics, basic POLICY companies, PSYCHOLOGIS laborers and entrepreneurs, and many other factors must be properly . Error in view of the business will result in fatalbagi labor in Indonesia, especially in a position to compete worldwide INTERNATIONAL lose.

One of the possible confusion the government policy is the loss of employment garment and footwear industry. What may be lost? Because the factory-shoe and garment factories moved kenegara others. Because wages and labor conditions in Indonesia do not support this type of industry. The problem is the general increase in wage demands and the workers efisienan us. It is not a secret anymore that the wages in the earlier type of industry are very low, but the closure is a more obvious due to a loss of employment. Workers who became unemployed, and how mungkinmendapatkan job again if the business situation in Indonesia, there is no improvement? What garment and footwear industries still operate another country? Yah, light aja still operate with the cheap labor in China, Cambodia and Vietnam. Is the need to broaden the views or thoughts, even fight for higher wages to be increasing the problems of unemployment and the loss of many jobs. With the variety of experiences not in the labor tasty, the loss of wages and employment problems hopefully make us more able to think and fix condition.

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